Keto Meadow 2mm One - Pink750 white goldDesign Jussi Louesalmi

Keto Meadow 2mm One is cute and simple! The ring is beautiful on its own, but it fits perfectly together with Keto Meadow Tiara+, Keto Meadow Arc and Keto Meadow Arc+ ring models.

The ring has one 3,5 mm diameter sapphire (0,20ct).

The Keto Meadow jewelry is available in 750 white gold, 750 yellow gold, 750 rose gold and 950 platinum. The color of the gemstone (sapphire or diamond) can be chosen according to your wishes by order. Keto Meadow jewelry collection includes various models of rings, necklaces and earrings. 

1 225 €(inc. VAT 24%)

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Keto Meadow 2mm One - Pink
750 white gold
0,20ct (pink)