Keto Meadow earring - Pink 4750 yellow goldDesign Jussi Louesalmi

Keto Meadow earrings are sold individually and in pairs. You can combine the earrings as you wish. There are 5 different models of stud earrings. The colorful gemstones are sapphires and the white ones are tw/vs diamonds. The price is for one earring.


Au3 Goldsmiths have designed and manufactured high quality jewelry in Helsinki, Finland since 2003. From the Au3 Goldsmith’s jewelry collections you will find fresh designs and beautiful classics: rings, necklaces, bracelets & earrings etc. Our pieces are suitable for everyday life and special events & celebration. We use ethically produced, high quality materials. All our jewelry is made with great talent and quality. For us, it is important to make meaningful jewelry where memories and dreams are preserved.

945 €(inc. VAT 24%)

Delivery time: 4-6 weeks


The image with the right gold alloy is coming..

Keto Meadow earring - Pink 4
750 yellow gold
0,42ct (pink, purple and blue)