Keto Meadow earring - Pink 4750 white goldDesign Jussi Louesalmi

Keto Meadow Pink 4 is vivid and charming stud earring with delicious colors. It has 4 colorful sapphires (total 0,42ct).

Keto Meadow earrings are sold individually and in pairs. You can make different combinations of the earrings to match your taste. There are 5 different models of stud earrings. The colorful gemstones are sapphires and the white ones are tw/vs diamonds. Keto Meadow jewelry is available in 750 white gold, 750 yellow gold, 750 rose gold and 950 platinum. The price is for one earring.

985 €(inc. VAT 24%)

Delivery time: 4-6 weeks


Keto Meadow earring - Pink 4
750 white gold
0,42ct (pink, purple and blue)