Keto Meadow earring - Pink S750 white goldDesign Jussi Louesalmi

Keto Meadow Pink S is vivid and charming hanging earring with delicious colors. It has 8 colorful sapphires (total 0,52ct).

Keto Meadow earrings are sold individually and in pairs. You can make different combinations of the earrings to match your taste. The colorful gemstones are sapphires and the white ones are tw/vs diamonds. Keto Meadow jewelry is available in 750 white gold, 750 yellow gold, 750 rose gold and 950 platinum. The price is for one earring.

1 490 €(inc. VAT 24%)

Delivery time: 4-6 weeks


Keto Meadow earring - Pink S
750 white gold
0,52ct (pink, purple and blue)